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GANOHERB Organic Reishi Mushroom Spore Capsules with 100% Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powde (60 Veggie Capsules)

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For Boost Immune System,Vegan,All Natural,Non-GMO & Gluten Free.

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Reishi spore capsule (1)

Studies have shown reishi mushroom could improve your immune strength, protect cardiovascular, control body weight, calm nerves, encourage good sleep and support general wellness. It also can increase appetite.

Reishi spore capsule (2)

Our reishi mushroom grows in our own organic certified farm. and reishi spore capsule is made by low-temperature cell-wall breaking technology (crack-rate of 99%),GANOHERB has integrated cultivation, production, R&D, sales and service into a whole industry chain.Our ganoderma has been certified organic by USA,EU,China and Japan.



★ Reishi Spore Capsule ★

★NON-GMO&VEGAN: Our ganoderma Lucidum Capsule is 100% vegan & gluten free, We refuse to use artificially synthesized materials such as hormones in growing, processing and producing ganoderma.

★PURITY AND HIGH EFFECTIVENESS: Each 100g Ganoherb Reishi spore powder contains 1100mg of ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and 4000mg of ganoderma lucidum triterpenes.

★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee If you are unhappy with reishi mushroom capsules, Just send it back and we will fully refund without questions asked.

Reishi spore capsule (3)

Ingredient Introduction

100% Organic Reishi Mushroom spore powder
GANOHERB only collect the spore powder generated within the first 30 days when Reishi Mushroom becomes mature,the earliest produced spore is more efficient,and our spore powder is via the low-temperature cell-wall breaking technology with cell-wall breaking rate reaching 99%.

100% Vegetable Capsule
Vegetable capsules do not contain chemical synthetic agents, have a long shelf life and have no side effects and safe to eat as they are natural plant fibers, which is the best choice for vegetarians.

Suggested Directions

● Take 2 capsules each time.
● 2 times a day with warm water.
● Best used before or after taking a meal.
● Every 100g of this product contains at least 1100mg of REISHI polysaccharides.
● Every 100g of this product contains at least 4000mg of REISHI total triterpenoids.


The body's low immunity is easy to get sick, which increases the consumption of the body. Reishi mushroom spore can enhance and regulate of the body's immunity as it's rich in Reishi polysaccharides and triterpenes,which makes you more stronger and healthier.

Our Reishi spore capsules will help you protect against chemical and immunological liver injury as the high content of Reishi total triterpenoids in it can help reduce the level of triglyceride (TG) in the liver, it can also inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis to lower the blood lipid.

Taking Reishi spores can increase appetite as it will promote gastrointestinal motility and protect the gastric mucosa,improve sleep quality and renew your body strength,relieve your body's pain,let you be full of energy everyday.

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